How to record a phone conversation on android through the application?

  1. ACR Call Recording
  2. Call Recording
  3. Automatic Call Recorder (Appliquato)

Hello everyone, my dear friends and guests of my blog. Dmitry Kostin is with you again, and today I want to tell you how to record a telephone conversation on an android, or rather on a smartphone based on this OS. By the way, the thing is really cool and in many cases very useful, therefore, if space permits, then I recommend you to install one of the programs listed below.

In fact, there is nothing complicated about finding such applications. Just go to the Play Market and drive into the search for something like "Record calls." There are a lot of such applications. But anyway, I will briefly describe my experience.

The content of the article

ACR Call Recording

ACR Call Recording

I liked this application the most and it has never let me down. Let's see its features:

  • Call recording starts automatically as soon as they call you. But you can set it to be activated manually by pressing a button.
  • You can put the removal after a certain number of days.
  • Ability to select recording format
  • The ability to immediately delete short entries, the duration of which does not exceed a specified number of seconds. For example, if the conversation is less than 5 or 10 seconds, then it is not saved in order not to overwrite the memory with unnecessary data.

The program interface is very simple and it is a pleasure to use the program. The only thing I don’t like about it at the moment is the impossibility to delete all files at once. You just have to mark each entry, and then delete.

By the way, I used this program when I wrote down conversations with various brokers, lenders etc., which are already pretty bored.

Call Recording

Call Recording

Another pretty good program. This is the first application that I used for these tasks. The program itself is very good and has a number of settings, only most of these settings can be activated only in the paid version, for example, recording conversations only from subscribers in the phone book, or deleting entries after a certain number of days.

In free mode, you will only have access to its main function and the choice of file storage location. Not thick of course, but for most people that’s enough.

The only thing I had on the old phone was a glitch with this application. Approximately every 5-7 conversation for some reason was not recorded. There was just silence. I hope they have already corrected.

Automatic Call Recorder (Appliquato)

Automatic Call Recorder (Appliquato)

I got acquainted with this application relatively recently and so far it only shows itself from the good side.

  • The ability to select contacts from the phone, during communication with which no conversations will be recorded.
  • Ability to select automatic or manual recording
  • Ability to change the audio format
  • Setting the maximum size of internal memory for this program
  • Add volume while recording

Well, also some functions are available only after purchasing a premium version of the program.

In principle, I do not see any reason to write about any applications yet, since they all work on the same principle. You have to choose which one is best for you. Personally, I like the ACR most of all, which I described at the very beginning, but you can try each one and make your choice.

What can it be useful for?

Naturally, a reasonable question arises: why is it even necessary? Well, let's see:

  • If you suddenly dictate an address, telephone or other information, and you do not have a pen at hand, then you can not worry about it. You can always listen to your saved files so you won't miss anything.
  • Presentation as evidence. If someone claims that he told you about something in the last telephone conversation, and you forgot, then you can easily verify it.

Personally, I used this topic a couple of years ago to record a conversation with friends, after which I could make them songs, i.e. put words on music, align them using autotune (correcting false notes), etc.

Well, on this I finish my article. Hope it was helpful to you. Do not forget to subscribe to updates of my blog, and also to share material with articles on social networks. Good luck, bye bye!

What can it be useful for?
Naturally, a reasonable question arises: why is it even necessary?