How to reflash a nameless Chinese tablet. How to flash a tablet via PC. Detailed algorithm of action.

  1. Firmware smartphone on Android using a computer
  2. Search and install the necessary software for firmware
  3. Preparing for firmware

Update operating system Android to newer versions allows you to get rid of errors, get new functionality and increase the speed of Android devices. If the manufacturer provides official updates "by air", then there are no problems - we agree with the installation of the update (when they appear) and wait for the results. If there are no official updates, you should update manually. How to flash a phone on Android through a computer?

The Android operating system is constantly updated. Newer versions become faster, they eliminate many errors. Devices start to work much faster, “slowing down” and other consequences and traces of incorrect operation of the OS disappear. As for flashing, it helps to restore the efficiency of damaged smartphones and tablets .

Firmware is divided into official and unofficial. Official firmware supplied by developers of Android devices. If the update is supported "over the air", then the device can be reflashed (updated) using a normal internet connection - after downloading the necessary files, the device will reboot and its firmware will be updated. After that, the memory will be installed latest version Android or an updated version of the current firmware with the previous version of the OS.

Informal firmware created by experts in the field mobile devices (and artisanal developers). Their disadvantage is that no one answers for their correct work - you install such firmware at your own risk. Unofficially refers to firmware ported from other Android devices or modified official firmware that has been modified.

How to install the firmware on Android and what is needed for this
How to install the firmware on Android and what is needed for this? At the initial stage, you should carefully read the instructions for the firmware - such instructions are published on many specialized sites, on the phone model. Use of instructions and firmware files from other devices is not allowed . Observe the following precautions:

  • Watch out for battery power - it should be fully charged;
  • Use good USB cables - the connection to the computer must be reliable;
  • Use laptops or bespereboyniki - a sudden power outage will lead to loss of functionality of the device being flashed.

After you have read the instructions for reflashing, read it again, after which make sure that you have understood all the points correctly and prepared all necessary files and programs. Now you can try to flash your device.

Inattentive reading of the instructions and inattentive execution of its points can lead to the fact that instead of a working smartphone or tablet, you will have at your disposal a “brick” - an inoperative device that is difficult to repair.

A lot of software has been created for flashing Android devices
A lot of software has been created for flashing Android devices. And here we can be helped by standard programs for working with various smartphones . For example, Samsung smartphones are easily reflashed using the Kies native program. The procedure is performed in several steps:

  • We connect the smartphone to the computer;
  • Launch Kies and check for updates;
  • We are waiting for the installation of updates and reboot of the smartphone.

As soon as everything is completed, we will have at our disposal a device with updated firmware. If any errors occur during the update process, it is unlikely to be critical - the “native” software works as correctly as possible. Similarly flash smartphones from other manufacturers.

The update should be done on smartphones with a fully charged battery. It is also recommended to provide uninterrupted power to the computer and a stable internet connection.

How to flash a smartphone on Android through a computer
How to flash a smartphone on Android through a computer? To do this, we need to find a suitable program used for flashing smartphones from one manufacturer or another. For example, Samsung smartphones are reflashed using the Odin program, Fly smart phones using the Flash Tool. You will also need firmware for Android, suitable for the model of the device being flashed.

Once you find everything you need to reflash the device, go to the preparatory stage - prepare a normal cable with whole plugs and conductors, fully charge the battery, install the drivers. Next, run the flashing program, specify the location of the firmware files, put the smartphone in the appropriate mode - for example, on samsung smartphones The power button, volume down button and home button are clamped.

Many other phones are stitched in the same way - drivers are installed, they turn out root rights , special programs are installed. Instructions for some smartphones may seem complicated, so you need to not interrupt the review until all the points become as clear as possible. Skipping one or another item instructions, you will have at your disposal a "brick".

In the most severe cases, it will be possible to restore the device to work only in the service center (and even then not always).

How to flash a tablet on Android through a computer? The procedure for flashing is the same as in the case of smartphones - you need to find the appropriate instructions, firmware files and the appropriate software. You also need to pay attention to the fact that not all smartphones and tablets can be reflashed through a computer - some devices are reflashed through CWM-Recovery , by uploading files with firmware to a memory card and further transferring the device to a special flashing mode.

For example, this way many smartphones from the famous manufacturer HTC are reflashed. Many smartphones and tablet PCs have a basic ability to download new firmware from a memory card.

Android is one of the two most common operating systems. It is installed on their models by such well-known manufacturers as HTC, LG, Samsung, Huawei, Motorola and SonyEricsson. One of its features are the constant updates that Google is trying to expand the capabilities of the devices running on it.
By purchasing new devices, you get the opportunity to use updates from the official manufacturer for a year. Thus, there will be an update of the GUI interface and the elimination of minor flaws, as well as the expansion of the operating system. But after this period, updates will have to be downloaded independently. It should not be forgotten that updates do not always have a positive effect on the capabilities of the device. Sometimes they cause a negative reaction, causing more harm than good to the device. For example, not the best way affect the operation of the camera or the performance of the gadget. In addition, after the firmware you get an almost empty device, on which you will have to install all the programs, applications, etc. again. Of course, if necessary, you can flash Android 2.3.6, 4.0, 4.1, 4.2.2 and any other. In this way, you can get rid of problems in the work of the device, but the risk is still there. Sometimes new versions come out in a rather raw state and need to be improved.
If you still decided to reflash Android on your phone or tablet, you need to do the following:
1. Check the battery level and better that it is 100%. Otherwise, all data may be lost if the device is disconnected during the firmware process.
2. Refine the OS version by going to the device settings.
3. Find and download a new version for your model.
Now let's take a closer look at how to flash an android tablet. It is quite simple. The main thing is to find a suitable version of Android and it is better to download it from the official site. This option is suitable for branded devices, and with incomprehensible Chinese gadgets more difficult. You will have to look for a suitable version by name and technical specifications . And after the fermentation on the Internet version found, you can proceed.
1. Make a backup of the state of the tablet in case the updates for some reason do not suit you, this will allow you to return to previous positions.
2. Format the SD card under the FAT 32 file system, on which write the new firmware. If there is any information on the card, it is necessary to save it somewhere before formatting it.
3. Turn off the tablet, install the SD card with the firmware and turn it on again. After installing updates, the tablet should disconnect itself. Do not forget about it. Do not turn it off.
4. Turn on the tablet and check its performance. If you are not satisfied with something, you can use the backup and return everything back.
In the event that your device does not support a memory card, you can flash it through USB. For this you need a computer USB cable and firmware. This option has its own characteristics.
The answer to the question: "how to flash an android via a computer?" Consists of several points:
1. Take a microUSB cable and make sure that it is not damaged.
2. Turn on the computer to a power source constantly.
3. Check the charge level of the device that will reflash. It must be at least 70%.
4. Find the necessary OS version on the Internet and place it on the C drive of the computer.
5. Download the program Odin and place it there.
6. Make contact between the two devices.
7. Click “reflash”.
If everything is ready, you can run. Do not forget that you can not disconnect the device from the computer until the process is complete!
Of course, you can flash Android on usb, but the easiest way is still Wi-Fi. To do this, in the settings of your smartphone or tablet, activate “ Automatic updates "In the item" About the device. " Now, all novices will come to you immediately after the release.
Sometimes it becomes necessary to reflash the blocked Androir and, accordingly, the question pops up: “How can I reflash the android if it is locked?” . To do this, you can use the previously created system backup via Recovery without a key and restore the OS.
There are two more ways to restore the system through Recovery:
1. For it, you will need a factory or a cost-based TWRP and CWM and Recovery itself is installed. You will also need an external SD card to which you will dump without unpacking Screen Lock and Cracker Gesture files. Then you need to turn off the phone, go to Recovery, while simultaneously holding the power button and volume up rocker. If this does not work, you need to hold down and also the "menu" button. After that select INSTALL ZIP and one of the files. If you get an error, you can try the second one.
2. After using this method, your phone will not have a phone book, SMS and programs. If it suits you or not, then just like in the previous method, drop the same files on the memory card, turn off the phone, go to Recovery and in Wipe data select factory reset.
A prerequisite for this is the presence of the Internet.
In addition to the official versions of updates, there are so-called custom firmware. These are versions that were released not by the manufacturer, but by lone programmers who decided to edit software to the needs of users. For example, save them from glitches or improve device performance. Most of them are small, work faster, and offer more settings. You can install custom firmware on the tablet. It will be much easier to do this than in the case of the official version.
To do this, you will need to do the following:
1. Find on the Internet and download the necessary custom firmware and application from Google
2. Copy them to your SD card or device memory.
3. Install the ClockWorkMod application.
4. Go to Recovery mode.
5. Reset the settings and restart the tablet.
6. Then select the selected firmware and after the process is completed, we reboot the tablet.
7. Install the necessary Google programs and reboot again.
You can flash Android from zip archive. First you need to get root and make a copy of the OS. That is, to reflash Android, you must do the following:
1. Install any OS recovery program. This may be, for example, ClockWorkMod.
2. Download any ROM version for your device. It can be both official and user.
3. Install the microSDHC card.
4. Copy the firmware zip files to the microSDHC.
We proceed to the process of flashing itself, which consists in the following:
1. Disconnect the device from all power sources.
2. Turn it off and activate recovery mode.
3. Select the “wipe” menu.
4. After the removal process is completed, return to the menu and select the option responsible for the firmware from the zip archive.
5. Find the ROM firmware and confirm.
6. If everything went well, restart the device. You can use the so-called three-file firmware using the same Mobile Odin Pro program. ROOT access when used this method not required. Perform the firmware in the following sequence:
1. Write to the folder on the smartphone / tablet CSC, CODE and Modem - files.
2. Open it.
3. Select the file with CODE and click "OK".
4. Select the Modem file and confirm with “OK”.
5. Confirm the availability of data in all sections and click "Flash Firmware". The process has begun. If it becomes necessary, what the device will notify you about, restart it.
Another way to flash the android phone using TAR archive. For this, you will again come in handy Mobile Odin Pro. Go to the application, find the file with the firmware there and select it. We check the correctness and availability of all the necessary data and click "Flash Firmware". It remains to wait until the firmware process is over.
Before you upgrade your tablet from any Chinese manufacturer, you need to search for the firmware for your model on the Internet. Then download it and copy it to a pre-formatted memory card in the FB32 system. Most often, the firmware is archived, and first you have to unpack it, according to the instructions attached to it. Then check the battery charge level and turn it on. The tablet will do the rest.

Today we will talk with you about how to independently flash a smartphone on Android through a computer. The procedure is not easy and the firmware of each gadget has its own nuances that you will have to clarify in specialized forums. But in general terms, you will understand that with the right approach, you can restore the device at home, install third-party firmware on it, or update the stock version to a new version.

Firmware smartphone on Android using a computer

To begin, let us warn you that in this way you can “kill” your gadget. Speaking the language of people who understand, turn it into a “brick”. In this case, without going to the service center to get rid of it will not work. For firmware NoName gadgets from China and do not take at all, if you break it, they can not restore it in the service center.

Be that as it may, we live in the age of technology, the age of the Internet - the world wide web, where, if you wish, you can learn literally everything: even the firmware of Android phones. Actually, what are you doing now. Well, let's start ....

Search and install the necessary software for firmware

It's no secret that different device manufacturers need different drivers. Fortunately, they can also be downloaded on the Internet. For example, you have a smartphone from Samsung - drivers for its subsequent firmware can be found on the official website. There is an alternative option without searching for drivers - just connect the phone to the computer, after which the operating system will select and download them (for owners of Windows 7 and newer versions of window OS).

The next task is to download the firmware itself. The most popular Russian-language resource with official and custom firmware - Go to the forum, look for your device and firmware for it there. Choose the most interesting for you and download to your computer.

Then you need to assign Superuser rights to the program, that is, give -access. How exactly to provide it, see the article we wrote earlier.

Now we’ll go back to the familiar site, more precisely, to its forum and download the CWM-recovery file for your gadget (it’s important that it was for your device, otherwise you risk turning it into a “brick”).

Write the zip-archive with firmware and Recovery, downloaded earlier, or better - to the SD-card in the device’s memory.

Back again to installed program Mobileuncle MTK Tools, we launch it and it will automatically search for CWM-recovery on the smartphone, you will only need to confirm the update process by pressing the “OK” button.

Preparing for firmware

Without a backup - nowhere! It is useful to us in case of unsuccessful firmware to restore the device. Go:
Without a backup - nowhere
So, the backup is created. To restore it, go to installed application CWM-recovery, tap on the "Backup" item and select the newly created one there.

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How to flash a phone on Android through a computer?
How to install the firmware on Android and what is needed for this?
How to flash a smartphone on Android through a computer?
How to flash a tablet on Android through a computer?
The answer to the question: "how to flash an android via a computer?