How to remove glare from flash and shine from the face in Lightroom?

Very simple advice, which, nevertheless, gives a great result when you want to remove the oily shine on the skin from the photo, which often appears when shooting with a flash. Of course, you can just use the Spot Removal tool, setting a large brush size and just replace the area with glitter, but there is one problem - such a transfer can also change the illumination of the area, and we need to save it.

That is, the skin area should remain brightly lit, but not shiny.

Above, under the title of the article, you see the original of our picture.

Notice how the skin on your cheek, chin and forehead glitters. It spoils the whole frame.

When we remove the area with glitter, using the Spot Removal Tool with a really large brush size, it not only removes the glitter, but unfortunately kills the bright tones (highlights), although we need to preserve them, but remove the glitter. In addition, if you leave everything as it is, the image will not look so realistic. You can, of course, play around with the size of the brush and choose another area to transfer, but the result will still be far from excellent, and the time spent on work will increase.

The secret of how to keep the light, but to remove the brilliance - is very simple. After you have applied the Spot Removal tool, go to the settings panel of this tool and decrease the Opacity parameter (it is marked in red in the screenshot above). Please note that the brilliance is gone, but the bright colors have remained almost unchanged, and the picture began to look much better. Quick and easy!

By the way, I use this technique when I need to remove a mole, scar or other skin defect from my face. If I remove it entirely, then those who know the model, it will be well understood that the photo is retouched. But if we slightly weaken the Opacity, then we will preserve the naturalness of the image, while the defect will not attract much attention.